"The Vendée Globe is a race that is
almost beyond belief."
...Gary Jobson, ESPN Commentator

"They did not know it was impossible,
so they did it."
...Mark Twain

"The Vendée Globe is even a greater
challenge than climbing Mt. Everest."
...Sen. John Kerry in
U.S. Senate Tribute* to Rich Wilson

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The Wall Street Journal - Book Review:
"There and Back Again"
by Angus Philips
January 2, 2013

E arly Praise:
"Reading your book put me through the vicarious terror and exhilaration of your voyage. I applaud your efforts both in sailing the course and writing the book. A hearty 'Bravo!' and 'Bien fait!'"
...Dava Sobel, author, Longitude, Galileo's Daughter

"Haven't put your book down since receiving it! What a thrilling story! Your drive and passion to overcome all obstacles, including chronic severe asthma, is an inspiration to everyone struggling with breathing difficulties. Let's go 2016!"
...Bill McLin, CEO, Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America

"A remarkable, 'can do' story. As the second oldest skipper ever to finish the Vendée Globe, Rich inspires us all, that one is never too old to have a dream and to succeed. He shows by singular purpose, belief in oneself, and encouragement from others, that we are all ageless."
...Dr. Charlotte Yeh

"A great book, I've read it & highly recommend it."
...Brian Hancock, three-time Whitbread Race veteran

"My sister, a discriminating reader, has no interest in sailing, nor in reading about it. So I gifted the book to her. She emailed at midnight: 'Rich's book is fabulous. I'm at the first night out with an approaching storm. He's so seasick he can't eat. Yikes! Can hardly wait to get back to it in the a.m.!'"
...Alice Howard

"I loved it! On Saturday, I downloaded your book to my Kindle Fire to see the color photos (they're great), blew out Sunday reading it, and finished today. I'd been reading a mystery, but found Race France To France more gripping. Really powerful stuff, on so many levels."

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Rich Wilson

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*U.S. Senate Tribute to Rich Wilson (pdf)

  In 2008-9, Rich Wilson became the second American to finish the Vendée Globe, deemed the "most grueling and dangerous prolonged competition on the planet." (Garry Emmons, HBS Bulletin, 2009)

  The senior skipper at age 58, and a severe asthmatic, Wilson finished 9th of 11 finishers of 30 starters, racing 28,790 miles over 121 days in his 60' boat Great American III. He endured broken ribs, a bloody facial gash, a climb up the mast on his run to Cape Horn, sleep deprivation, exhaustion and fear, while ten gales battered his trusty GA3 on her 4th race around the world. Wilson's tenacity, skill, and perseverance inspire and motivate: that we can all do more than we think we can.

  Written intensely, engagingly, and humbly, Wilson's book brings you aboard GA3 in the heat of the doldrums, in the cold and gales of the south, to see the beauty of the southern stars and albatross, and to feel his fear, fatigue and emotions in the unending stress of a global ocean race.

  A lifelong educator, Wilson achieved a primary goal: to excite and engage K12 students about science, geography, and math in the real world, via his sitesALIVE! program. Published online, and for 15 weeks by Newspaper in Education programs in 50 US Newspapers, including 25 in Missouri, a thousand miles from an ocean, he reached 7 million readers weekly, and 200,000 students. Wilson and a Team of Experts (doctors, professors, authors, ship captains) wrote essays for students and answered their questions.

  Life lessons abound: the camaraderie among competitors (the defending champion sacrificing his own race to rescue a competitor); a French boy on the dock saying "the important thing is to participate"; and from the engaged French public, "if you finish this race, you're a winner."